Hair Transplant Before and After Care

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It is often said true beauty comes with no standard, but hair loss is a completely different story. Hair loss can affect your self-confidence and increase the chances of other scalp-related issues. Additionally, it can also impact the ability of hair follicles to stimulate hair growth properties on your scalp. 

Whether you are facing excessive hair loss or have bald patches all over your scalp, our hair transplant recovery treatment can help nourish your scalp and offer permanent solutions to several hair-related issues.

However, it is essential to take proper care of your hair before and after hair transplant recovery treatment for long-lasting results. Read on to discover everything you need to know about hair transplant before and after treatment care.

What should you do before a hair transplant?

First and foremost, you should completely avoid smoking for two weeks before the treatment to see effective results in your transplanted hair growth after the hair transplant treatment. Avoid spicy and greasy food at least two days before the treatment. Always disclose your medical history, ongoing medications, and allergies. It will help our doctors to take appropriate measures for your hair transplant recovery.

Ensure you’re not having any hair and scalp diseases like folliculitis, excessive dandruff, and othe issues.Take proper rest for at least3 days prior to your surgery. 

What should you do after a hair transplant?

Post-hair transplant care is the most essential part of your hair transplant recovery treatment. The aftercare process for hair transplant can be long and stringent compared to before hair transplant measures. Post or after hair transplant recovery, our experts will give detailed hair care tips for your after or post-hair transplant care.

Should I wash my hair before a hair transplant?

Yes, you should wash your hair two days before the treatment to get rid of any dirt or dust particles on your scalp. Avoid washing your hair a day before your hair transplant in Ahmedabad.

What should I check before a hair transplant?

It is always ideal to conduct a blood test before your hair transplant treatment. Conducting blood tests can help identify potential problems within your body and whether the treatment is safe for you or not. Hiding your medical conditions might only create concerns for your transplanted hair growth treatment. Be open about your medical conditions, and avoid hide anything from your doctor for a desirable result after hair transplant treatment. Your hair transplant should be performed by a qualified MD Dermatologist or Plastic surgeon

What should NRI patients consider before getting hair transplant in Gujarat? 

People travelling from the USA or other country should plan their stay ahead of the surgery day. They should manage their stay for at 5-7 days in the town, especially for before, during, and after surgery. You can also speak to one of our hair transplant specialists for further assistance.

It is ideal to consider a quick online consultation with your hair transplant doctor prior to the arrival. Discussing the exact issue with them before travelling to India can help save maximum time. Besides, prior surgery planning will ensure your hair transplant will be a success and offer you the desired results.  

How many days of care after a hair transplant?

You should avoid combing or brushing your Donor (transplanted hair growth~remove this ) area for 7 days after hair transplant treatment. After this period, you can gently start combing your hair on the non-implanted areas to avoid breakage of your newly transplanted hair patch. You should also avoid touching the area with your fingers as it might interrupt the regrowth process. We practice mininal touching to recipient area for almost one month

Hair Transplant Care

Proper precautions after hair transplant treatment can boost your hair regeneration process and add more density to your hair. Here are hair transplant before and after care tips for better results. 

  • Before hair transplant care

Many people skip breakfast or lunch before the hair transplant treatment. You can eat food before the treatment, but avoid consuming any junk food, acidic substances, and anything that is not healthy. Unhealthy food items might lead to adverse after-effects of hair transplant treatment. 

  • Post/After hair transplant care

Slight pain and swelling are common after effects of hair transplant. It is important to follow appropriate precautions after hair transplant treatment to allow your new hair to adjust and react properly to the treatment. At The Skin Artistry, we offer comprehensive post or after-hair transplant care tips to stimulate hair growth and promote a healthy scalp. Get in touch with us at or call us at +91 7000097898 to schedule your appointment and know more about hair transplant before and after care tips.

How long does your head take to heal after a hair transplant?

It can take about 10 to 14 days after hair transplant treatment for your head or scalp to recover.

How can I get the best results after a hair transplant?

You can get the best hair growth after hair transplant results by simply following our hair transplant before and after care tips. Treating your hair before and after the treatment will help you prepare your scalp and prevent further hair losses.

Do and don’ts after hair transplant


  • Take appropriate precautions after hair transplant treatment and stay in constant touch with your doctor.
  • Be gentle with your new hair growths after hair transplant surgery.
  • Have ample rest and sound sleep.


  • Avoid sleeping flat on your tummy, sideways, or rubbing your new hairline against the pillow. 
  • Don’t skip your aftercare for hair transplant routine.
  • Don’t wash your hair for two days after the treatment.

After Hair Transplant Healing Recovery Care

After a successful hair transplant, we advice our patients to consider their first and second hairwash from the clinic. Any casualities may result in large crusty formation or something even worse. So, allow the specialists to undertake this work.

  • 7 days after the hair transplant

7 days after the hair transplant you can wash your hair with prescribed shampoo and other hair care products. However, depending on your hair condition and hair transplant after treatment side effects, our doctor will guide you about the hair wash routine. 

  • 10 days after hair transplant

10 days after hair transplant, the appearing scalp flakes can be removed using hair products or with normal tap water. We offer a comprehensive Indian hair transplant before and after hair routine to prepare your scalp for the treatment and post-treatment procedure. 

  • Hair transplant after 1-month

Hair transplant after 1-month is the most crucial period post your treatment. For effective results, it is vital to follow the hair care after hair transplant routine as guided by your doctor. 

  • Hair transplant after 2 months

Hair transplant after 2 months, patients will notice a temporary fall off of hair grafts. There is nothing to worry about as it is part of the procedure. You also have to continue with our Indian hair transplant before and after your hair routine for remarkable results. 

  • Hair transplant after 3 months

Once the completion of hair transplant is after 3 months, you can cut off the hair of the donor area. It is advised not to cut the area on your own and let our experts handle the procedure. Even a slight mistake while cutting off your donor area might rupture the new follicles and impact the regeneration process.

How do I know if my hair transplant is successful?

After 6-12 months of the treatment, you will start noticing new hair growth and greater hair density on your scalp. The regrowth process might take time due to the loss of excessive hair or bald patches. We offer the best hair transplant and growth treatments across India that helps you prevent further hair loss and scalp problems. 

Hopefully, you now have an in-depth understanding of hair transplants before and after the regrowth process. Get in touch with one of our representatives by calling us at +91 7000097898 to learn more about our skin care services.

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