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    Laser Treatment for Skin Whitening in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

    Flawless skin and perfect complexion is everyone’s dream! But some things like free radicals, hormonal changes and sun exposure can damage our skin, which leads to patchy pigmentation and dark spots, so that we look older than our age. At The Skin Artistry Ahmedabad, we offer a variety of Skin Lightening/Whitening treatments. Visit today for best skin whitening treatment in Ahmedabad.

    What Is Skin whitening Treatment?

    Skin lightening treatment reduces the excessive melanin content in skin. Excessive Melanin is responsible for your dark spots, uneven tone etc. Reduction in it gives a lighter complexion. We can treat melasma, sun damage, freckles and other types of marks with skin lightening procedure.

    In this process topical agents work by reducing the production of tyrosinase enzyme, which is instrumental for the melanin production. The Skin Artistry offers best skin whitening treatments in Ahmedabad.

    Types of Skin whitening Treatment and Thier Benefits

    There are various types of skin treatments available at The skin artistry, some of them are listed below:

    Skin Peeling

    Microdermabrasion is an effective and popular Skin Peeling method.

    Benefits of Skin Peeling include:

    • Initiates collagen production which helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles
    • Improves moisture content of dry skin types
    • Rejuvenates skin by removing the dead skin cells
    • Lightens dark spots
    • Reduction active acne
    • Exfoliates razor bumps
    • Reduces ingrown hair and smoothens the markings
    • Reduces the appearance of acne scarring


    MediFacial is very well known method of Skin Brightening. In this method Dermatologists use a medical pigment lightening agent along with galvanic current to lighten and brighten the skin.

    Mild peeling enzymes are used, which restores the radiance of healthy skin. A specialist lightening ampoule & mask is applied to further lighten the pigmentation and brighten the skin.

    Benefits of MediFacial

    Apart from lightening or whitening the skin, the Medifacial helps in:

    • Lightening of superficial pigment spots
    • Reduction of dark circles
    • Reduces sun damage/tanning
    • Reduction of sun damage in general

    Lightening of pigmentation caused due to acne


    Photo Facials is a treatment which uses visual energy-based technology to treat brown spots, broken capillaries and to boost collagen growth. This facial is famously known as Hollywood facial.

    Benefits of PhotoFacial

    • Reduction of pore size
    • Improves the skin’s firmness and elasticity by boosting collagen production
    • Evens out skin tone by eliminating brown spots
    • Eliminate age/sun spots and blotchy areas
    • Smoother skin texture overall

    Removes fine dark hair above the lips and around the sides of the face

    Glutathione for Skin Whitening

    Glutathione (GSH) is a natural antioxidant which is present in our body. It mainly decreases with the increasing age, so the cells start aging faster. Glutathione can be taken as oral medication as well as in form of injections.

    Benefits of Glutathione Based Procedures

    The Glutathione treatment helps in:

    • Brightening the skin
    • Rejuvenating the skin
    • Keeping away the signs of ageing

    Laser Skin lightening/Whitening

    Skin whitening Laser treatment is a complete science. In this process the concerned skin is exposed to a concentrated beam of light. Due to beam’s high energy, the excess melanin is broken down and dispersed by the natural immune system in the skin.

    As a result, you can see healthier and brighter skin. The new skin is flawless. This treatment is also known as laser peel or lasabrasion. The laser treatment helps in effectively reducing skin pigmentation, dark spots, sun tanning, dull skin etc. Visit The Skin Artistry today for best skin laser treatment in Ahmedabad.

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