Hair Transplant Before and After Care

hair Transplant

hair Transplant

It is often said true beauty comes with no standard, but hair loss is a completely different story. Hair loss can affect your self-confidence and increase the chances of other scalp-related issues. Additionally, it can also impact the ability of hair follicles to stimulate hair growth properties on your scalp. 

Whether you are facing excessive hair loss or have bald patches all over your scalp, our hair transplant recovery treatment can help nourish your scalp and offer permanent solutions to several hair-related issues.

However, it is essential to take proper care of your hair before and after hair transplant recovery treatment for long-lasting results. Read on to discover everything you need to know about hair transplant before and after treatment care.

What should you do before a hair transplant?

First and foremost, you should completely avoid smoking for two weeks before the treatment to see effective results in your transplanted hair growth after the hair transplant treatment. Avoid spicy and greasy food at least two days before the treatment. Always disclose your medical history, ongoing medications, and allergies. It will help our doctors to take appropriate measures for your hair transplant recovery.

Ensure you’re not having any hair and scalp diseases like folliculitis, excessive dandruff, and othe issues.Take proper rest for at least3 days prior to your surgery. 

What should you do after a hair transplant?

Post-hair transplant care is the most essential part of your hair transplant recovery treatment. The aftercare process for hair transplant can be long and stringent compared to before hair transplant measures. Post or after hair transplant recovery, our experts will give detailed hair care tips for your after or post-hair transplant care.

Should I wash my hair before a hair transplant?

Yes, you should wash your hair two days before the treatment to get rid of any dirt or dust particles on your scalp. Avoid washing your hair a day before your hair transplant in Ahmedabad.

What should I check before a hair transplant?

It is always ideal to conduct a blood test before your hair transplant treatment. Conducting blood tests can help identify potential problems within your body and whether the treatment is safe for you or not. Hiding your medical conditions might only create concerns for your transplanted hair growth treatment. Be open about your medical conditions, and avoid hide anything from your doctor for a desirable result after hair transplant treatment. Your hair transplant should be performed by a qualified MD Dermatologist or Plastic surgeon

What should NRI patients consider before getting hair transplant in Gujarat? 

People travelling from the USA or other country should plan their stay ahead of the surgery day. They should manage their stay for at 5-7 days in the town, especially for before, during, and after surgery. You can also speak to one of our hair transplant specialists for further assistance.

It is ideal to consider a quick online consultation with your hair transplant doctor prior to the arrival. Discussing the exact issue with them before travelling to India can help save maximum time. Besides, prior surgery planning will ensure your hair transplant will be a success and offer you the desired results.  

How many days of care after a hair transplant?

You should avoid combing or brushing your Donor (transplanted hair growth~remove this ) area for 7 days after hair transplant treatment. After this period, you can gently start combing your hair on the non-implanted areas to avoid breakage of your newly transplanted hair patch. You should also avoid touching the area with your fingers as it might interrupt the regrowth process. We practice mininal touching to recipient area for almost one month

Hair Transplant Care

Proper precautions after hair transplant treatment can boost your hair regeneration process and add more density to your hair. Here are hair transplant before and after care tips for better results. 

  • Before hair transplant care

Many people skip breakfast or lunch before the hair transplant treatment. You can eat food before the treatment, but avoid consuming any junk food, acidic substances, and anything that is not healthy. Unhealthy food items might lead to adverse after-effects of hair transplant treatment. 

  • Post/After hair transplant care

Slight pain and swelling are common after effects of hair transplant. It is important to follow appropriate precautions after hair transplant treatment to allow your new hair to adjust and react properly to the treatment. At The Skin Artistry, we offer comprehensive post or after-hair transplant care tips to stimulate hair growth and promote a healthy scalp. Get in touch with us at or call us at +91 7000097898 to schedule your appointment and know more about hair transplant before and after care tips.

How long does your head take to heal after a hair transplant?

It can take about 10 to 14 days after hair transplant treatment for your head or scalp to recover.

How can I get the best results after a hair transplant?

You can get the best hair growth after hair transplant results by simply following our hair transplant before and after care tips. Treating your hair before and after the treatment will help you prepare your scalp and prevent further hair losses.

Do and don’ts after hair transplant


  • Take appropriate precautions after hair transplant treatment and stay in constant touch with your doctor.
  • Be gentle with your new hair growths after hair transplant surgery.
  • Have ample rest and sound sleep.


  • Avoid sleeping flat on your tummy, sideways, or rubbing your new hairline against the pillow. 
  • Don’t skip your aftercare for hair transplant routine.
  • Don’t wash your hair for two days after the treatment.

After Hair Transplant Healing Recovery Care

After a successful hair transplant, we advice our patients to consider their first and second hairwash from the clinic. Any casualities may result in large crusty formation or something even worse. So, allow the specialists to undertake this work.

  • 7 days after the hair transplant

7 days after the hair transplant you can wash your hair with prescribed shampoo and other hair care products. However, depending on your hair condition and hair transplant after treatment side effects, our doctor will guide you about the hair wash routine. 

  • 10 days after hair transplant

10 days after hair transplant, the appearing scalp flakes can be removed using hair products or with normal tap water. We offer a comprehensive Indian hair transplant before and after hair routine to prepare your scalp for the treatment and post-treatment procedure. 

  • Hair transplant after 1-month

Hair transplant after 1-month is the most crucial period post your treatment. For effective results, it is vital to follow the hair care after hair transplant routine as guided by your doctor. 

  • Hair transplant after 2 months

Hair transplant after 2 months, patients will notice a temporary fall off of hair grafts. There is nothing to worry about as it is part of the procedure. You also have to continue with our Indian hair transplant before and after your hair routine for remarkable results. 

  • Hair transplant after 3 months

Once the completion of hair transplant is after 3 months, you can cut off the hair of the donor area. It is advised not to cut the area on your own and let our experts handle the procedure. Even a slight mistake while cutting off your donor area might rupture the new follicles and impact the regeneration process.

How do I know if my hair transplant is successful?

After 6-12 months of the treatment, you will start noticing new hair growth and greater hair density on your scalp. The regrowth process might take time due to the loss of excessive hair or bald patches. We offer the best hair transplant and growth treatments across India that helps you prevent further hair loss and scalp problems. 

Hopefully, you now have an in-depth understanding of hair transplants before and after the regrowth process. Get in touch with one of our representatives by calling us at +91 7000097898 to learn more about our skin care services.

Do You Wake Up Every Morning With Strands of Hair on Your Pillow? See How Our Hair Loss Treatment Can Help You!


Do You Wake Up Every Morning With Strands of Hair on Your Pillow? See How Our Hair Loss Treatment Can Help You!

One of the former capital and the largest city in Gujarat, Ahmedabad is a city which is busy with people bustling through day and night with their work schedule. Ahmedabad also is the center for high degree of heat which directly or indirectly affects your hair and skin. The lack of time makes it hard for a majority of the people in Ahmedabad to give time to hair care. The heat harms the hair follicles and contaminates, gags the scalp prompting frizzy, lacklustre, limp hair and thus leading to hair thinning and balding.

In the event that you are one of such troubled souls who is in need of hair loss treatment in Ahmedabad then please step into The Skin Artistry with full certainty. We offer the best hair fall treatment in Ahmedabad with a varied range of clinical, non surgical and surgical hair replacement alternatives. An ensured outcome, pathbreaking, inventive methods, exceptional strategies – all contribute in making The Skin Artistry the most preferred destination for hair substitution in Ahmedabad. 

Meet our experts

Our dermatologists  and specialists are exceptionally talented and prepared in performing hair replacement techniques and hair transplant medical procedures. They are known for conveying astonishing natural looking outcomes. They are known for their aptitudes and because of that have many fulfilled and satisfied customers. Come and have a full meeting with our enormously experienced group of hair specialists who are prepared to give the best hair loss treatment in Ahmedabad.



The blend of frenzied life alongside sweltering climate, nearly consistently, which can be the greatest adversary of hair. As the quantity of individuals experiencing hair thinning and balding is immense, individuals searching for hair fall treatment is additionally expanding. The Skin Artistry with its notoriety has effectively cleared a route in the hearts of Amdavadis as we offer a broad scope of novel and propelled hair loss medicines.

There are numerous medicines for hair loss accessible today, yet it’s basic to initially examine your unique problem and afterward pick the correct treatment for you. Here is the place The Skin Artistry, a hair transplant center in Ahmedabad helps you in the most ideal way. We first investigate a customer’s real hair loss condition, and afterward just suggest the most appropriate hair loss arrangement. The Skin Artistry has its prime focus in furnishing you with the most suitable treatment with the best innovation, hair transplant strategies, and offices. Customer fulfillment is the highest priority. We furnish our customers with remarkable care and an agreeable climate so they feel relaxed and comfortable.

Our trichologists (specialists who study and treat hair and scalp issues like hair breakage, hair loss, oily scalp, etc) are additionally prepared in offering help and guidance to individuals with hair-related conditions like alopecia and trichotillomania.

Most sought after hair treatment in Ahmedabad

The non surgical and surgical hair replacement, has gained vast popularity for all the right reasons. Those searching for hair treatment in Ahmedabad should initially take our Advanced Hair Check to learn the reason for the issue alongside the harm done.

Our technologically advanced and cutting edge restorative technique is a proper alternative to hair weaving and other comparative methods have taken off prominence among individuals looking for hair loss treatment as they save on time and cash. Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic and Flash-points have been propped by hair fall treatment searchers experiencing inordinate and excessive hair loss or scanty volume. The regular look and the volume provided does the trick of bringing one’s confidence back.

Besides Hair replacement treatment, The Skin Artistry accommodates people with skin and nail issues and abnormalities. So if you are looking for top Dermatologists in Ahmedabad Gujarat who will give you the desired results and put that smile back on your face, remember that The Skin Artistry is also there to fall back on.

Factors To Consider Prior To Hair Transplant


Factors To Consider Prior To Hair Transplant

Men and women both suffer from hair loss and seek solutions to restore their appearance. There are several options for people suffering from hair loss like using a wig, follow a strict diet & advice of an expert or opt for a hair transplant surgery. Every patient should research their doctor prior to selecting them. The Skin Artistry offers hair transplant in Ahmedabad. Opting for hair transplant surgery is a big decision; hence it is considering several factors prior opting for it. Besides being a costly decision, it has several long term effects too.

Baldness is an issue for many people and there are several permanent treatments on offer however there are several options available to patients these days; this article provides more information about hair transplant and the important factors to consider.

What is a Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that helps remove hair follicles from one part of the body. This is also referred to as the donor site. It is one of the best methods for treating baldness. There are two methods for this procedure like Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). This is a process to move hair to bald areas of your head and usually done under local anaesthesia.

Important Factors to Consider

There are several factors to consider prior to attempting hair transplant surgery, age factor being one of them. Other important factors are the cost and quality of the surgery since the cost of this type of procedure can be quite high. The resting period is likely to be for up to three days after surgery, however, it is a good idea to inquire about this.

Listed here are factors to consider prior to opting for this type of surgery:

  • Cause of Hair Loss:  Most important factors that determine success of hair plant surgery is the main reason for cause of baldness. Hence it is first necessary to visit a dermatologist and diagnosis the main reason of hair loss. If the reason for hair loss is an autoimmune disorder, it cannot be treated in this method. Age is also one of the factors.
  • Donor Hair Regions:  Donor hair also plays a big role in the success of this procedure. The main aim of this procedure is to restore full head hair however; this may not always be possible. The donor hair regions dictate the thickness of the hair as well. It is best to inquire about the donor with the doctor prior to the surgery for this reason.
  • Aftercare: Success of a surgery does not depend exclusively on the procedure itself, but also depends on the aftercare. This is an important factor to consider when selecting a clinic. Almost every clinic will provide some level of aftercare support which can be a formof an aftercare kit with essential products for scalp care. Aftercare is important for success of this procedure as well as to avoid infection.
  • Result: It is important to consider that the resultsof a hair transplant will not be immediately evident. It can take up to one year for treatment to take effect and for hair to grow to gradually grow.

Select the Right Surgeon

Success of any medical procedure largely depends on the skills of the surgeon, and hair transplant treatment is no exception. We have the option of either FUE or FUT which is explained in counselling session attended by all patients who visit our clinic. At The Skin Artistry, we make use of advanced technology and refinements in surgical techniques to improve success rate. This process is likely to take several sessions; however, we have the ability to eliminate 3000-4000 grafts in a single session.  We offer several other treatments besides this like PRP hair treatment in Ahmedabad.

Facts You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal Treatment


Facts You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Removing body hair is one of the most preferred methods when it comes to grooming methodology. Many methods are famously spread around the world, including waxing and shaving. However, these techniques fail to provide permanent solutions to the problem.

One of the unique solutions include the therapy of laser hair removal in Ahmedabad, that is the trend today. The reason behind its fame is that it can help in removing hair permanently from the body. Experts have even ensured that it provides long-lasting results and many premium places provide pain-free solution of laser hair removal.


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Cost-effectiveness of the therapy

The process of laser hair removal is undoubtedly very cost-effective since women would not be pushed to remove their body hair every once in a while by investing money on waxing and shaving. You don’t even have to purchase endless creams to look beautiful. Even though these aspects may seem to be cheaper than the one-time investment of laser therapy, in the long run, the latter would undoubtedly be a better choice in terms of saving money. Not only that, but you would also save more time in the future.

Don’t get lured with cheap offer of laser hair removal, opt for services that are done who is FDA approved, certified doctors only. It would be an added advantage if they opt for luxe technology like European Technology; as it hinders any further complications.

It can be a bit painful

When the laser therapy is applied on thinner skin, you can find it a bit more uncomfortable equipped with sharp pain. However, the experts take care of the situation efficiently by using a cooling mechanism on the area simultaneously. In short, you are accustomed to feeling the pain only if the temperature of our body is high.

Don’t wait for the growth

One of the best things about laser therapy is that you don’t have to wait for the hair to grow back after waxing. Every woman is well aware of the fact that after waxing, it takes approximately two or three months to return the hair to normal. However, experts recommend using laser therapy and completely shaven or waxed skin to avoid any burning tragedy.

Patience is the key

If you are willing to take up this therapy, you need to have the patience for 2 to 3 weeks in advance. Only after a minimum of 8 treatments, you would get to see the effective results. Some patients even start observing the results after two treatments. Since the laser therapy works directly on the hair follicles, it certainly has to take more time for the professionals to work carefully, even in the delicate areas.

The process is pretty fast

It won’t take more than 20 minutes for the process that can include removing makeup too. Treatment speed is incredibly faster, and you would even start seeing a glimpse of what you would call the final result.

No gym for 24 hours

The experts suggest that you shouldn’t be attending the gym sessions for a day after going through the process. It is because the entire course can raise the body temperature higher, giving way for the bacteria to make a home in the warm environment of the skin.

It is a package of multiple benefits

You may think that this process is only meant to get you rid of bodily hair quickly. However, it has other benefits too that can enhance your desire to go for the procedure. It also helps in reducing the irritation on the skin, making it grow naturally. It can even work effortlessly on the dark and oily skin, which makes it versatile.


You can approach the experts for laser hair removal therapy and the best hair transplant in Gujarat at affordable rates. Once you know the facts and figures about laser therapy, you won’t be afraid to run into it to ensure the betterment of your skin. The process is highly safe and fast enough for you.