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    Hair Transplant and Hair Loss Treatment in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

    No matter the texture, the color or the style, everyone wants their hair perfect, right? And for that we can go to any extent any like using hair dryers and straighteners, using hard shampoos and everything. After a while, we end up creating annoying problems like hair loss, dandruff, thinning of hair, hair breakage, etc. Many people don’t go ahead with hair transplant in Ahmedabad only keeping the cost of treatment in mind.

    What is Hair Transplantation?

    Hair transplantation is a procedure in which hair is picked from the back of the scalp – where even bald men never lose hair – and transplanted in the balding region. Since the hair from the back of the scalp is genetically programmed to grow for the rest of your life, it grows permanently even when transplanted in the balding region. Thus, you get completely natural, growing hair that is permanent and an aesthetic, youthful look.

    The Skin Artistry offers best hair treatments in Ahmedabad:

    • Hair Transplant (FUE & FUT)
    • PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)
    • Hair Mesotherapy
    • Laser Therapy

    Looking for a permanent and safe hair loss treatment in Ahmedabad? So what’s the solution? The solution is Hair transplant in Ahmedabad at The Skin Artistry.


    During the counselling session for hair transplantation, we first try to understand your concerns and expectations of the surgery. The Skin Artistry is a dedicated Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad and Surgery clinic, committed to giving the most effective, scientifically formulated and clinically proven results for the best aesthetic surgery solutions for you.

    With the advent of new technologies, refinement in surgical techniques, our results have improved drastically. We can eliminate 3000-4000 grafts in a single session depending on the density of the donor area.

    Hair transplant not only augments the appearance, but also guarantees good self-esteem. Getting the best hair transplant done is what each person looks forward to and we ensure excellent results after the procedure. We offer you best hair treatment in Ahmedabad.

    For more information about this, we invite you to have a counselling session with our hair transplant in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

    What Is Hair loss and it's treatments?

    Hair loss can be caused due to several reasons. These can be lack of vitamins, minerals or iron in the body, age, pollution, heredity, stress, lack of sleep, hormonal imbalance and illness or maybe due to our carelessness.

    Our hair needs the same well balanced diet as rest of the body. Good diet can affect all your body from skin to hair and even to your nails also.

    Hair loss in men, called male pattern hair loss (MPHL), usually presents as a receding hairline. In women, female pattern hair loss (FPHL) is presented as hair thinning. Hair loss can also occur as a result of diseases that affect body’s hormonal balance. When hair loss is a symptom of a disease, it can be stopped by addressing the underlying condition.

    We offer all types of hair loss treatment and help you prevent any further hair loss. The products we use in the treatment are safe and medically certified. The treatment nourishes the hair and promotes its regrowth. Now, if you are looking for any type of Hair loss treatment in Ahmedabad, come to The Skin Artistry and you are all sorted.

    Hair Mesotherapy

    It is a technique to deliver actives in the scalp to control hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Variety of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and supplements are administered to the scalp according to the indication. The Skin Artistry delivers Best Hair Transplantation in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, with most Natural-looking Hairline.

    Hair mesotherapy is used to trigger hair regrowth in both men and women.

    It does not require anaesthesia or dressing, and you can return to your daily activities after treatment.

    PRP Hair Restoration Therapy

    Platelet-Rich Plasma, or PRP, is produced using the patient’s blood that is centrifuged to separate the components of the blood (red and white blood cells from platelets and plasma), which results in a clear plasma fluid containing a greater number of platelets. Platelets play an important role in the process of rejuvenation of the body, helping the tissue heal and increase new cells. They contain substances called “growth factors” that activate and rejuvenate the cells of our body.

    PRP hair restoration therapy is effective for both men and women with hair loss. The PRP procedure has also regrown the hair in alopecia areata, hypotrichosis of the eyebrow and other cases with non-hereditary hair loss. It also promotes and accelerates recovery after a hair transplant. The growth of new hair can be seen from 2 to 3 months, but it is usually evident between 5 and 8 months and continues to improve up to one year after treatment.

    Hair Transplantation

    We have the best technology and experience in Hair transplant. Our wide numbers of satisfied clients make us the best hair transplant in Gujarat. It is a type of surgery that moves hair from the area where you already have hair to fill an area with thin hair or no hair. So if you want a trusted and full proof solution to hair fall, the best option is The Skin Artistry hair transplant clinic in Ahmedabad.

    The procedure can use one of two methods:

    Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) or
    Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

    So, don’t shy away from that baldness or falling hair, visit best hair transplant in Ahmedabad and experience the difference!

    Be sure that a properly trained licensed physician or properly trained licensed allied health professional practicing within the scope of his or her license is responsible for your treatment.

    The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) is concerned about the growing risk to patients of unlicensed  technicians performing substantial aspects of hair restoration surgery. The use of unlicensed technicians to perform aspects of hair  restoration surgery which should only be performed by a properly trained and licensed physician* places patients at risk of:

    • misdiagnosis;
    • failure to diagnose hair disorders and related systemic diseases; and
    • the performance of unnecessary or ill advised surgery all of which jeopardizespatient safety and outcomes. There may also be a risk that unlicensed technicians may not be covered by malpractice insurance.

    The ISHRS believes the following aspects of hair restoration surgery should only be performed by a licensed physician*:

    • Preoperative diagnostic evaluation and consultation
    • Surgery planning
    • Surgery execution including:
      – Donor hair harvesting – Hairline design – Recipient site creation
    • Management of other patient medical issues and possible adverse reactions
    • Post-operative care


    There is no such thing as “scarless surgery” in hair transplantation.

    Lastly, the ISHRS is concerned about false and exaggerated advertising claims related to hair restoration surgery such as “scarless surgery” or the claim that the surgery can be completely performed by a machine.

    The fact is that any incision whether by machine or hand that enters the skin beyond the most superficial of depths causes a scar to form, and there is currently no machine capable of automatically performing all the aspects of the hair restoration surgery. Available technology can only assist trained surgeons performing hair restoration surgery.

    To help ensure patients have information needed to make informed decisions about who performs their hair restoration surgery, the ISHRS urges potential patients to ask the following questions as well as questions regarding costs, risks, and short and long-term benefits and planning:

    Patients Should Ask These Questions

    • Who will evaluate my hair loss and recommend a course of  treatment? What is their education, training, licensure, and experience in treating hair loss?
    • Who will be involved in performing my surgery, what role will they play, and what is their education, training, licensure, and experience performing hair restoration surgery?
    • Will anyone not licensed by the state be making incisions or harvesting grafts during my surgery? If so, please identify this person, explain their specific role and why they are legally permitted to perform it.
    • Is everyone involved in my surgery covered by malpractice insurance?

    Ensure your wellbeing in the most efficient way

    The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery is a non-profit medical association exempt from federal income tax pursuant to Internal revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). The mission of the ISHRS is to achieve excellence in medical and surgical outcomes by promoting member education, international collegiality, research, ethics, and public awareness.

    * or in countries where it is allowed, a licensed allied health professional practicing within the scope of his or her license.

    Is hair transplantation painful?

    Hair transplantation is not painful. It may have some extent of discomfort initially but it is so comfortable that while the procedure is going on, you can watch TV, read a book or chat with your friends on the phone.

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    Acne And Pigmentation

    acne treatment in ahmedabad in ahmedabad

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      Acne & Pigmentation Treatment in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

      Everyone wants flawless skin and perfect complexion. However, factors such as free radicals, hormonal changes and sun exposure can damage your skin and cause irregular pigmentation and dark spots, which makes youlook older. The pigmentation is basically the presence of dark (hyperpigmentation) or light (hypopigmentation) patches on the skin. It is not life threatening, but it can definitely give sleepless nights to those who want a clear and even tone skin. Get the best Acne treatment in Ahmedabad at The Skin Artistry Clinic.

      Be sure to use sunscreen always either indoors or outdoors to protect your skin. You should also bear in mind that pigmentation not only affects the face but can also be found in other areas of the body such as the neck, arms, back, etc.

      Another reason for pigmentation may be hormonal imbalance, which is usually triggered during pregnancy or through the use of birth pills. This condition is referred to as melasma. Other reasons include acne and skin problems such as dermatitis, eczema, etc. The pigmentation can be classified as epidermal (superficial), dermal (deep) and mixed. Then, depending on the severity of the skin problem, our dermatologist will recommend the appropriate pigmentation and acne treatment in ahemdabad, which will be a combination of specialized peels or lasers to say goodbye to pigmentation.

      • Skin pigmentation affects the color of your skin. Your skin can get uneven pigmentation when the color-producing cells, called melanin, are damaged or affected. This can result in uneven patches on the face or throughout the body.
      • Skin pigmentation can be the result of medical conditions or environmental factors such as sun exposure. Infections or burns and blisters can also cause pigmentation of the skin, which often leads to skin patches in the affected area. While it is not always harmful, it is not good for your skin to look uneven, and it can make it look unhealthy and feel unattractive.
      • However, with the new advances in dermis technology, we can treat a wide variety of pigmentation problems with tools such as lasers, dermabrasion and specialized peels.

      At The Skin Artistry we offer specialized services that include highly effective ingredients and technologies. We offer best acne treatment in Ahmedabad. These services are explicitly preferred for their exceptional properties that help correct tanning, pigmentation, dark spots and age spots, which give a clearer and more radiant complexion. Once you enter The Skin Artistry clinic, our expert dermatologists perform a thorough skin analysis to understand the lifestyle and the diagnosed cause of your pigmentation.

      This diagnosis tells us the severity of your pigmentation. Based on the analysis, you will be treated with the correct pigmentation reduction system. The pigmentation not only affects the face but can also be found in other areas of the body such as the neck, arms, back, etc. Our Pigmentation Reduction System is a transformative solution that uses specialized products and services along with highly effective ingredients. It fades tanning, pigmentation marks, dark spots and age spots, leaving your skin clear and radiant. This system works well for the face and neck area, as well as for any area of ​​the body. Looking to get Acne treatment in Ahmedabad? Visit the best skin and acne treatment clinic in Ahmedabad today!

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      Laser Hair Removal Treatment

      laser hair removal

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        Laser Hair Removal Treatment In Ahmedabad, Gujarat

        Remember the time your friends had planned that last minute dinner? And how you wanted to wear that gorgeous short dress? And how disappointed you felt because of that unwanted hair!!!

        To have smooth, hair-free skin is what we women of today desire, right? But do you also feel tired of shaving, plucking, or waxing? Do you often get razor bumps or acne-like breakouts when you get rid of unwanted hair? If so, you may want to consider laser hair removal.

        Now, do not let unwanted body hair to ruin an occasion like that anymore. Here we give you a permanent solution for unwanted hair. Now get the smooth, hair-free skin you’ve always wanted with Laser Hair Removal in Ahmedabad.

        We bring forward years of successful experience of serving more than hundreds of happy customers. We use advanced laser technology approved by the US FDA which is absolutely safe for all skin types. You will find the best hair removal laser treatment in Ahmedabad at The Skin Artistry Clinic.

        Much about Laser Hair Removal depends on different factors such as skin type, hair growth category, etc. And because the factors are unique to each individual, our mission is to help each client with a personalized plan that is suitable for their concerns. To achieve this, our services are monitored and guided by a dermatologist who helps us choose a service that is suitable for your skin and hair type. Your search for the best laser hair removal clinic in Ahmedabad ends here.

        What Is Laser Hair Removal?

        The treatment of Laser Hair Removal is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that uses a highly concentrated laser beam to penetrate the hair follicles. This is absorbed by the pigment inside the hair follicle and completely destroys it to inhibit future hair growth.

        Laser hair removal is one of the most preferred methods to get rid of unwanted hair in India. It is a completely safe procedure with no downtime. In fact, the cost of laser hair removal in India fits all budgets, making it one of the most popular medical procedures for hair removal.

        What Are The Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal?

        There are plenty of benefits and several reasons of why you should opt for laser hair removal. Here are the top reasons to do so –

        • Precise – Laser hair removal is a precise and safe treatment that can be done on any body part using a concentered beam of light.
        • Fast – A typical laser hair removal treatment session lasts up to 20 minutes. The entire process of laser treatment for a target area will require four to six sessions to complete.
        • Effective – It is highly effective and just in a few sessions; you will get rid of unwanted hair on the body with long-lasting effects. No more ingrown hairs – With the use of laser, the pesky ingrown hair can be zapped forever.
        • No side effects – Laser hair removal treatment has a little or no side effects, unlike other hair removal methods.
        • Quick Procedure – Laser hair removal is so quick that it can be done in a coffee break. A typical laser session for upper lip area lasts less than 15 minutes.
        • Affordable – The laser treatment for hair removal costs way less than all the money spent on waxing, shaving or other hair removal methods.
        • Pain-free treatment – It is painless in most cases or one might feel slight tingling sensation due to the heat from lasers.

        Which Body Parts Can Be Treated With Laser?

        Below are the major body parts that can be treated with laser to get rid of unwanted hair –

        • Full face – Laser treatment can be done on the full face to say goodbye to unwanted body hair. Laser treatment effectively helps to achieve a flawless and smooth face in just a few sessions. Generally, full face laser is done or one can also opt for laser to remove annoying hair from areas such as upper lip, chin, and sides of face, cheeks, ears, neck, and back of the neck.
        • Underarms – Laser hair removal is a perfect solution for sensitive areas such as underarms. After undergoing laser treatment, one doesn’t need to think twice before wearing sleeveless attire.
        • Upper torso – Laser hair treatment is popularly done on shoulders, arms, chest, abdomen, upper back, lower back, full back or areola to achieve flawless and smooth skin in the upper torso region.
        • Bikini line – Laser hair removal is the most preferred methods for removing unwanted hair from sensitive bikini line. One can opt for bikini line or Brazilian depending upon the requirement and enjoy fresher, cleaner feel in the bikini area.
        • Legs – Laser treatment for legs takes about 30 minutes to an hour and one can enjoy freedom from porcupine legs forever.

        So??? What you are waiting for???

        Come to The Skin Artistry, and experience best hair removal laser treatment in Ahmedabad.

        How does Laser Hair reduction works?

        Lasers designed for permanent hair reduction emit wavelengths of light that are absorbed by the pigment in the hair shaft(melanin), effectively destroying it without affecting the skin ,thus decreasing the number of hair follicles. Since lasers target pigment, treatments are most effective on coarse hair because it has a lot of pigment and can absorb a lot of heat. Fine hair cannot absorb much heat.

        Is Laser Hair reduction Painful?

        People have compared it to a rubber band snapping against the skin.We have the painless diode technology that works on principle of supra hair reduction. Compared to waxing the treatment has very little discomfort. It only feels like mild heating. However, since everyone’s pain tolerance is different, if you do find it uncomfortable, we can prescribe a numbing cream for the skin.

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