Opting for Laser Skin Whitening? Note Down these Important Points

Opting for Laser Skin Whitening? Note Down these Important Points

Laser treatment for skin whitening is a procedure that involves the use of a high energy light in order to remove various blemishes and irregular spots on the skin. The process allows the rejuvenation of your skin, allowing to look lighter and younger all at once. Wrinkles, age spots, acne, uneven skin, etc. can all be targeted through this procedure. It can also be referred to as a laser peel.


Taking a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 2 hours, laser skin whitening can help stimulate the growth of fresh, new skin cells almost immediately. It is a process that can help you observe visible changes in your skin even after a single sitting. There are 4 different types of treatments, with each holding its own set of benefits for your face.

  1. IPL Laser: IPL laser or Intense Pulsed Light laser treatment is used for skin resurfacing. Multiwaves of light are used for the treatment of the skin. The different wavelengths allow the doctors to penetrate through the different layers of the skin. This treatment helps in the removal of dark spots, discolourations, redness and broken blood vessels.
  2. Non-ablative laser: Non-ablative laser treatment is the process of using the laser in order to improve the appearance of wrinkles and minor spots.Treatments include the use of the Q switch laser which disperses energy pulses for the removal of tattoos, brown spots and even sun freckles. Heat is used to tackle the first layer of the skin, in order to continue the process without causing damage to the rest of the surface of the skin. It is capable of helping in the process of skin tightening and requires a relatively shorter recovery time since it isn’t a very intense procedure. Not only is it an easier procedure itself, but it also reduces the number of potential risks during treatment.
  3. Fractional skin resurfacing: This uses both ablative and non-ablative lasers equally. It helps in balancing out the treatment and needs a work of added precision as compared to the rest. Micro beams of energy deal with the skin with respect to the topmost layer, and down to the epidermis. This helps in dealing with the problem from the root and not just from the surface.
  4. Ablative laser: The use of ablative laser refers to the newest laser technology which delivers short pulses of light energy for treatment. Through this procedure, certain layers of the skin continue to remain unaffected as mainly the problematic zones are tackled. This process requires only a single sitting but is also prone to many more complications as compared to the rest. The recovery time can fall anywhere between 2-3 weeks.

As with any other procedure that leaves you prone to side effects, the success rate of your treatment depends on the doctor and the clinic that you choose to get yourself treated at. At The Skin Artistry clinic, we work to give our customers the best results they could hope for. With a highly satisfied clientele, you can be assured that your skin is in safe hands. From skin lightening treatments to hair removal treatments in Ahmedabad, your satisfaction lies in your hands.

Moreover, the process is able to give you quite a few benefits as well. The right treatment will be able to give you faster results. Your skin will glow and clear up at a faster rate than you would observe in the hands of prescription drugs. Your skin will be radiant, soft and bright since the procedure will allow your skin to heal in a more effective way than a simple face pack would allow. With our help, you’ll be able to gain the satisfaction that you would otherwise receive over the time of a year, in a few sittings.

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