How do Online Dermatologist Consultations Actually Work?

How do Online Dermatologist Consultations actually work?

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For a lot of us, visiting a dermatologist can be a time-consuming process. With our busy schedules, we hardly get time to run important errands, let alone scheduling an appointment and visiting a dermatologist. For people who would like a shortcut to this, online dermatologist consultation is something that might suit you. It is quite simple too. Either you send a few pictures of your skin and get a regimen or you might get in touch with the doctors via video call. The effectiveness of the process depends on what your skin type and condition is. In this blog, we have answered a few questions that you may have regarding online dermatologist consultation.

1. How does our online dermatologist consultation work?

  1. Give us a call or drop a message on +917000097898 and book a 15-minute online session. You can also book a session from our website.
  2. Pay your consultation fees online.
  3. Our dermatologists will be at your assistance and they will conduct a detailed examination session.
  4. Once we have seen your skin/hair condition, we will send an appropriate prescription via email.


2. How does an online consultation with the dermatologist work?

Depending on what platform you choose, your treatment will be processed accordingly. As mentioned earlier, you can either send pictures or do a video call. We can assign you to various on-call dermatologists who can help you to treat skin conditions. This is best for patients who want to get the right treatment by being at the comfort of their home. It can also help them to save time as people simply hate waiting in long queues.

3. How can an online dermat help?

By looking at the condition of your skin, the dermat will be able to get to the root cause of your problem. Online consulting is best for surface skin problems. Something that has just started like minor acne, eczema patches or severe dry skin can be easily treated. The doctor will prescribe you with tropical treatments or pills depending on the requirement. Oral antibiotics for acne can be prescribed after the doctor checks your skin condition. If you are an old patient and the doctor is already familiar about your skin condition, the treatment can be carried on much easily. For an instance, if the doctor knows that you have psoriasis then he just needs to see whether the condition has improved or gotten worse. And this can be easily determined by looking at the images or on video call.

4. Is online consultation the right way?

If you are travelling or in a remote part of the country, online consultations are the best option for you. Skin conditions or hair conditions that need continuous attention cannot be left untreated or you cannot skip consultation sessions. But let’s say you have to travel during an ongoing acne treatment in Ahmedabad, what can you do then? This is when online consultation plays an important role. Based on the pictures of your skin, the doctor will prescribe you ointments or oral medications. You need to follow the guidance given by your doctor and your skin or hair condition will continue to get better.

The Skin Artistry’s initiative during these unforeseen times has benefitted various patients to keep their skin healthy. We have come up with the concept of online consulting for your skin and hair issues which cannot be dealt with in person due to Covid-19. During these circumstances, the best way to get in touch with us is via online dermatologist consultation. If you are an old patient, you can send us pictures so that we can trace the progress of your issue and prescribe the next course of medication accordingly. If you want to register with us for a new case then we will conduct a video call with you and you can explain your condition to us.

Let us help you in your journey of better skin and hair. Get in touch with us today!

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