Having Skin Related Problems? Get Online Consultation!

Having Skin Related Problems? Get Online Consultation!


Does that acne on your face is stopping you from taking a selfie? Do you always have to use filters on instagram because your skin is not clear? Well, all of us have unique skin hence our skin problems are unique too, so it is always a better idea to consult skin specialist doctor for all your skin problems and queries because clear skin starts with clear personalised advice.

Thanks to technology nowadays, you can connect to your doctor from any corner of the world. But do you think that finding skin specialist doctor online is a big task?  Well, then you are at the right place. Call us today and experience the difference! We have a really good amount of patients who considered getting acne consultation online and have witnessed the best results.


Our skin experts can give you all the advice you ever need and answer all your queries in a jiffy!

The online consultation starts with you sharing close-up picture of acne and problematic area. After checking the photographs, the doctor will ask you some basic question about your lifestyle and previous health problems or medications if any. Doctor may also ask you about your diet or eating habits or stress level and other stuff. This will help the doctor to assess your condition better so that he can narrow down the best treatment suitable for you.

During your consultation call, our dermatologist will:

  • Determine the type of your acne (Inflamed, non-inflamed or combination) and severity of it
  • Our expert will analyse your skin problem and based on your lifestyle and health condition will recommend the best suitable acne treatment.
  • Skin expert will recommend you herbs and supplements to help re-balance the body from within
  • And will also recommend some home care products
  • Expert will also educate you on your lifestyle habits and choices

Our team will stay in touch with you and you can ask any questions to them. We will follow up for your next appointment.

Along with medications and treatments, our experts highly recommend following good lifestyle habits, this will help you in the long run and you can heal your body inside out.

Don’t wait more…We have got the best offers…Book your online acne consultation now!

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