Laser Hair Removal: A Guide on 10 Major Benefits of Laser Treatment


Laser Hair reduction is one of the best possible ways to help you get rid of wanted body hair and pigmentations for a long period of time. In this blog, we have listed the top 10 benefits of laser hair reduction or removal services that you must consider. 


We all have unwanted hair on large areas of our bodies which sometimes can be frustrating and uncomfortable. Moreover, hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving, and other methods can be quite painful and temporary solutions. These temporary solutions or methods of hair removal can bring your body hair back at a much faster rate and leave some adverse effects on your body including allergies, rashes, thick body hair, and more.  Laser hair removal treatment is a revolutionary method that can help you get rid of or slow down unwanted body hair growth for smooth and glowing skin all year round. 

It is one of the most effective and safest methods of hair removal available in the market. If you are tired of shaving and waxing but aren’t quite sure about laser hair removal treatment then you have landed in the right place. In this article, we have covered some vital information from laser hair removal benefits to side effects that will help have a better understanding of this modern cosmetic treatment. Keep reading this article till the end to explore various significant benefits of laser hair removal on the skin and determine whether the same is safe for your skin type or not.

What is laser hair removal? 

Laser hair removal treatment is a simple and effective hair removal process that is performed by highly experienced and knowledgeable dermatologists. It is a non-invasive way to reduce or remove unwanted hair from various areas of your body. It can help you get rid of body hair from areas such as the face, ears, neck, back and shoulder, chest and stomach, arms, and underarms which otherwise would be very difficult to remove on your own. 

A certified dermatologist will first apply laser light to the area of unwanted hair on your body. These pulses of light emitted by the laser will attack the hair and follicle on your body to destroy the hair root and prevent it from growing back further. The number of laser hair removal sessions primarily depends on the type of your skin and the areas you wish to remove your hair from. Generally, sensitive skin can take longer sessions compared to other skin types. 

As a matter of fact, hair grows in three different phases, and for the treatment to effectively destroy the roots from the skin the hair needs to be in the growth phase. Therefore the process usually takes time. 

What are the advantages of laser hair removal? 

Laser hair removal services are used by both men and women across the world. You must always make sure to take laser hair removal services only from certified and registered specialists in your area. You must also make sure to check the background of the laser hair removal clinics to avoid engaging with misleading and fraudulent service providers.

Moving ahead let us now look at some proven benefits of laser treatments to help you learn more about these services.

10 benefits of laser hair removal

1. Quick solutions 

Laser hair removal sessions generally last only a few minutes. Therefore, the hair removal process per session will only consume very little time depending on the area of treatment. The smaller the treatment areas the less you will spend in the clinic. This way you don’t have to worry about making adjustments during your tight work schedules or taking a day off every now and then to attend laser hair removal sessions.

2. Less painful 

This method of hair removal is generally less painful compared to other hair removal techniques and methods available in the market. However, depending on your threshold for pain, you might find this process a bit uncomfortable or irritating sometimes. Usually, the sessions are so fast that most customers find it easy to endure. You can consult your doctor before the process to learn more about this hair removal method.

3. Prevents ingrown hair 

Hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving, hair removal creams, and more can cause ingrown hair problems. Ingrown hair can give rise to problems including inflammation, tiny bumps, itchiness, and discomfort in the area where the hair was removed. One of the biggest benefits of laser hair removal treatments is that you can easily get rid of ingrown hair problems.

4. Precise

Another benefit of laser hair removal methods is that it is incredibly precise. This way you don’t have to worry about repeating the process, again and again, to get rid of small hair on your skin. The light beam on every laser application specifically targets dark and coarse unwanted hair leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. Therefore no matter how small the area is, laser technology can help you remove unwanted hair effectively and efficiently.

5. Remove hair from any part of the body

If you are thinking laser hair removal treatments can not target small areas such as upper lip, nose, eyebrows, hairline, or bikini line then you are not alone. Laser hair removal treatment can also help you remove hair from your eyelash areas without causing any damage or harm to your skin. Using a razor or other hair removing tools for small areas can be extremely painful and difficult to execute.

6. Long-term solution

Most people can see permanent and lasting results on their skins. Whereas in some cases, you may need frequent touch-ups after a few months or years of treatment to avoid the growth of unwanted hair. Compared to other methods laser hair removal services can last for a longer period of time. Depending on the amount of hair in your body area, the result can vary from area to area. 

7. Cost-effective 

Laser hair removal treatment is a one-time investment. On average, laser hair removal services can cost you less compared to other hair removal tools and techniques in the market. However, the cost of laser treatment can vary depending on your needs and hair removal requirements. After the completion of your laser treatment, you don’t have to worry about spending money on wax treatments, cleansers, toners, or moisturizers.

8. No painful side effects  

Unlike, razors or shaving methods in laser hair removal treatments you do not require sharp tools to get rid of body hair. In this way, you can easily avoid the risk of being cut or damaging your skin in the process. Laser treatments leave no room for painful side effects such as cuts, bruises, or scars.

9. Smooth skin

Another significant benefit of laser treatment is that it also helps you treat acne problems. Laser hair removal acne treatments improve your skin appearance and enhance your muscle tone to the next level. Besides hair removal acne treatment, laser treatment can also help you reduce body odor. The laser treatment destroys the follicle from the roots where odor-causing bacteria generally cling on.

10. Minimal side effects

Laser technology is tried and tested for more than 20 years across the world. Over the recent years, laser treatments have become less painful and more effective. Thus reducing the number of side-effects to minimal such as redness, rashes, irritation, and more. 

What are the disadvantages of laser hair removal? 

With greater benefits, laser hair removal services also come with minor disadvantages and side effects. Most of these side effects can only last for a few days or weeks after the treatment. However, if the side effects are creating major problems or have lasted more than the required time you must make sure to consult your doctor or dermatologist as quickly as possible. Here are some side effects and disadvantages that you can expect to occur during laser hair treatment.

1. Long process 

As mentioned earlier, hair grows in three different phases, and for effective results, the treatment needs to be conducted during the growth phase. If the growth phase of your hair is slow or the volume of your hair is huge then your laser hair removal process can consume a lot of time as you might have to go through more sessions.

2. Risk of pigmentations

You might observe an increase or decrease in pigmentations in the treated area of your body. Increase and decrease mainly depend on your skin type. You might have to apply sunscreen with higher SPF values regularly before and after the procedure is done to avoid pigmentation problems. 

3. Redness and irritation

Redness and irritation are some common after-treatment side effects that you might come across. Your skin may tingle or feel tender and in some cases, your treated area might even appear to swell slightly. These symptoms or side effects are quite short-lived and can be treated with medical aids. However, in extreme cases, you must consult your doctor immediately to avoid potential health hazards from taking place. 

Is laser hair removal permanent?  

In most cases, laser hair removal or laser hair removal acne treatments can offer permanent solutions to most of your body hair concerns. However, in some cases, you might have to visit laser hair removal clinics for touch-ups after a few months or after a year.

Is laser hair removal healthy? 

Yes, it is one of the safest hair removal methods with minimal or no side effects. 

We hope with the help of this article you will be able to make sound decisions and find the safest hair removal services in your area. Make sure to do prior and appropriate research to avoid misleading and fraudulent service providers in the market

Facts You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal Treatment


Facts You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Removing body hair is one of the most preferred methods when it comes to grooming methodology. Many methods are famously spread around the world, including waxing and shaving. However, these techniques fail to provide permanent solutions to the problem.

One of the unique solutions include the therapy of laser hair removal in Ahmedabad, that is the trend today. The reason behind its fame is that it can help in removing hair permanently from the body. Experts have even ensured that it provides long-lasting results and many premium places provide pain-free solution of laser hair removal.


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Cost-effectiveness of the therapy

The process of laser hair removal is undoubtedly very cost-effective since women would not be pushed to remove their body hair every once in a while by investing money on waxing and shaving. You don’t even have to purchase endless creams to look beautiful. Even though these aspects may seem to be cheaper than the one-time investment of laser therapy, in the long run, the latter would undoubtedly be a better choice in terms of saving money. Not only that, but you would also save more time in the future.

Don’t get lured with cheap offer of laser hair removal, opt for services that are done who is FDA approved, certified doctors only. It would be an added advantage if they opt for luxe technology like European Technology; as it hinders any further complications.

It can be a bit painful

When the laser therapy is applied on thinner skin, you can find it a bit more uncomfortable equipped with sharp pain. However, the experts take care of the situation efficiently by using a cooling mechanism on the area simultaneously. In short, you are accustomed to feeling the pain only if the temperature of our body is high.

Don’t wait for the growth

One of the best things about laser therapy is that you don’t have to wait for the hair to grow back after waxing. Every woman is well aware of the fact that after waxing, it takes approximately two or three months to return the hair to normal. However, experts recommend using laser therapy and completely shaven or waxed skin to avoid any burning tragedy.

Patience is the key

If you are willing to take up this therapy, you need to have the patience for 2 to 3 weeks in advance. Only after a minimum of 8 treatments, you would get to see the effective results. Some patients even start observing the results after two treatments. Since the laser therapy works directly on the hair follicles, it certainly has to take more time for the professionals to work carefully, even in the delicate areas.

The process is pretty fast

It won’t take more than 20 minutes for the process that can include removing makeup too. Treatment speed is incredibly faster, and you would even start seeing a glimpse of what you would call the final result.

No gym for 24 hours

The experts suggest that you shouldn’t be attending the gym sessions for a day after going through the process. It is because the entire course can raise the body temperature higher, giving way for the bacteria to make a home in the warm environment of the skin.

It is a package of multiple benefits

You may think that this process is only meant to get you rid of bodily hair quickly. However, it has other benefits too that can enhance your desire to go for the procedure. It also helps in reducing the irritation on the skin, making it grow naturally. It can even work effortlessly on the dark and oily skin, which makes it versatile.


You can approach the experts for laser hair removal therapy and the best hair transplant in Gujarat at affordable rates. Once you know the facts and figures about laser therapy, you won’t be afraid to run into it to ensure the betterment of your skin. The process is highly safe and fast enough for you.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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    Laser Hair Removal Treatment In Ahmedabad, Gujarat

    Remember the time your friends had planned that last minute dinner? And how you wanted to wear that gorgeous short dress? And how disappointed you felt because of that unwanted hair!!!

    To have smooth, hair-free skin is what we women of today desire, right? But do you also feel tired of shaving, plucking, or waxing? Do you often get razor bumps or acne-like breakouts when you get rid of unwanted hair? If so, you may want to consider laser hair removal.

    Now, do not let unwanted body hair to ruin an occasion like that anymore. Here we give you a permanent solution for unwanted hair. Now get the smooth, hair-free skin you’ve always wanted with Laser Hair Removal in Ahmedabad.

    We bring forward years of successful experience of serving more than hundreds of happy customers. We use advanced laser technology approved by the US FDA which is absolutely safe for all skin types. You will find the best hair removal laser treatment in Ahmedabad at The Skin Artistry Clinic.

    Much about Laser Hair Removal depends on different factors such as skin type, hair growth category, etc. And because the factors are unique to each individual, our mission is to help each client with a personalized plan that is suitable for their concerns. To achieve this, our services are monitored and guided by a dermatologist who helps us choose a service that is suitable for your skin and hair type. Your search for the best laser hair removal clinic in Ahmedabad ends here.

    What Is Laser Hair Removal?

    The treatment of Laser Hair Removal is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that uses a highly concentrated laser beam to penetrate the hair follicles. This is absorbed by the pigment inside the hair follicle and completely destroys it to inhibit future hair growth.

    Laser hair removal is one of the most preferred methods to get rid of unwanted hair in India. It is a completely safe procedure with no downtime. In fact, the cost of laser hair removal in India fits all budgets, making it one of the most popular medical procedures for hair removal.

    What Are The Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal?

    There are plenty of benefits and several reasons of why you should opt for laser hair removal. Here are the top reasons to do so –

    • Precise – Laser hair removal is a precise and safe treatment that can be done on any body part using a concentered beam of light.
    • Fast – A typical laser hair removal treatment session lasts up to 20 minutes. The entire process of laser treatment for a target area will require four to six sessions to complete.
    • Effective – It is highly effective and just in a few sessions; you will get rid of unwanted hair on the body with long-lasting effects. No more ingrown hairs – With the use of laser, the pesky ingrown hair can be zapped forever.
    • No side effects – Laser hair removal treatment has a little or no side effects, unlike other hair removal methods.
    • Quick Procedure – Laser hair removal is so quick that it can be done in a coffee break. A typical laser session for upper lip area lasts less than 15 minutes.
    • Affordable – The laser treatment for hair removal costs way less than all the money spent on waxing, shaving or other hair removal methods.
    • Pain-free treatment – It is painless in most cases or one might feel slight tingling sensation due to the heat from lasers.

    Which Body Parts Can Be Treated With Laser?

    Below are the major body parts that can be treated with laser to get rid of unwanted hair –

    • Full face – Laser treatment can be done on the full face to say goodbye to unwanted body hair. Laser treatment effectively helps to achieve a flawless and smooth face in just a few sessions. Generally, full face laser is done or one can also opt for laser to remove annoying hair from areas such as upper lip, chin, and sides of face, cheeks, ears, neck, and back of the neck.
    • Underarms – Laser hair removal is a perfect solution for sensitive areas such as underarms. After undergoing laser treatment, one doesn’t need to think twice before wearing sleeveless attire.
    • Upper torso – Laser hair treatment is popularly done on shoulders, arms, chest, abdomen, upper back, lower back, full back or areola to achieve flawless and smooth skin in the upper torso region.
    • Bikini line – Laser hair removal is the most preferred methods for removing unwanted hair from sensitive bikini line. One can opt for bikini line or Brazilian depending upon the requirement and enjoy fresher, cleaner feel in the bikini area.
    • Legs – Laser treatment for legs takes about 30 minutes to an hour and one can enjoy freedom from porcupine legs forever.

    So??? What you are waiting for???

    Come to The Skin Artistry, and experience best hair removal laser treatment in Ahmedabad.

    How does Laser Hair reduction works?

    Lasers designed for permanent hair reduction emit wavelengths of light that are absorbed by the pigment in the hair shaft(melanin), effectively destroying it without affecting the skin ,thus decreasing the number of hair follicles. Since lasers target pigment, treatments are most effective on coarse hair because it has a lot of pigment and can absorb a lot of heat. Fine hair cannot absorb much heat.

    Is Laser Hair reduction Painful?

    People have compared it to a rubber band snapping against the skin.We have the painless diode technology that works on principle of supra hair reduction. Compared to waxing the treatment has very little discomfort. It only feels like mild heating. However, since everyone’s pain tolerance is different, if you do find it uncomfortable, we can prescribe a numbing cream for the skin.

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