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    Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC) Hair Treatment: Benefits, Example & Cost

    As we grow old, hair fall problems become a part of our lifestyle due to several reasons. Improper eating habits, hormonal imbalance, medical conditions, and climate changes can cause major hair-related concerns and adversely affect the quality of your hair growth factors. With our Growth factor concentrate treatment for hair, you can stimulate the hair follicles’ regain and  regrowth abilities to the next levels.

    You can book your Growth factor concentrate for hair treatment appointment today by contacting us or visiting our clinic in person. We offer comprehensive solutions to all your hair fall problems with utmost care and professional attention.

    What is growth factor concentrate (GFC)?

    Growth factor concentrate (GFC) treatment is a highly engineered and advanced skin therapy. Growth factor concentration therapy utilizes the body’s inherent cells and natural capacity to heal and boost hair growth factors in your skin. Growth factor concentrate (GFC) hair treatment can reduce hair loss problems, rejuvenate hair follicles, improve hair thickness, and stimulate hair growth. GFC therapy can also help in restoring the quality of the skin by repairing wrinkles and hyperpigmentation concerns. The growth factors are activated and separated from blood using a highly advanced Follirich autologous GFC therapy kit.

    How does GFC treatment work?

    GFC hair treatment procedure involves collecting or extracting growth factors from your blood in a specially designed Follirich GFC kit. Growth factors are separated from your blood to activate them and release them into the solution. The solution with growth factors is then delivered or injected at high concentration rates directly into your affected hair roots. Different hair growth factors play varying roles in targeting your hair loss treatment. GFC for hair growth is a powerful and extremely effective hair therapy, prepared from the patient’s own blood without any contamination.

    How effective is GFC in hair growth?

    GFC therapy is an innovative treatment,  researched and highly engineered by renowned scientists to find solutions for various hair loss treatments. GFC therapy can offer effective results in a few sessions, depending on the complexity of your hair treatment. Experts or dermatologists make use of certain-activated growth factors from platelets in the patient’s blood to target the growth phase in hormonally imbalanced hair roots. For GFC hair treatment before and after results, you can check our client reviews or speak to our experts today at +91 7000097898

    How much does GFC treatment cost in India?

    There are several factors involved in determining the cost of GFC treatment for hair loss. Therefore, depending on your hair loss concerns, infected areas, type of growth factors injected, and the number of sessions required the cost of the treatment can vary from one person to another. It can be challenging to state a certain amount for GFC hair treatment cost. However, you can contact our experts today at +91 7000097898 to learn more about our cost structure and determine the cost of your GFC hair treatment and Follirich autologous GFC therapy kit price in India.

    Is GFC treatment painful?

    Growth factor concentrate (GFC) hair treatment is an uncontaminated, pure, and less painful hair treatment. Compared to PRP treatment and other stem cells therapy, Growth factors concentrate therapy for hair involves minimal or no pain during the entire session. However, you might come across certain side effects after the GFC for hair growth treatment. It is recommended to consult your doctors and inform them of side effects as and when they occur.

    At The Skin Artistry, we ensure you feel your best during the GFC hair treatment and find adequate solutions to all your skin or hair-related issues. To learn more about our services or determine the Follirich autologous GFC therapy kit price, you can contact us today at +91 7000097898 or explore our website for further insights.